An Established Business Law Firm At Your Service

The Law Office of Justin P. Miller advises clients on all aspects of business ownership and management. Our attorney provides counsel on the formation of your business and helps you decide which legal structure is best for your business. We prepare all business formation documents in-house, including bylaws, articles of incorporation, and any other required documents depending on your business needs.

Please bring your business startup plans and ideas to our attention. We will help you put the tools in place that will take you confidently to the next stage: growing your profitable enterprise. Get your business operations underway with the reassurance of sound advice from an experienced lawyer. Protect your interests by:

  • Selecting the best entity for your purposes: A sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability corporation (LLC) or an S-corporation
  • Protecting your private assets and liabilities from potential challenges in your business venture
  • Putting all government requirements in place

Our business-related services involve:

Advice And Assistance On Business Startup And Business Operations

We understand budget may be an issue at this stage of things. You may plan to get piecemeal legal counsel as you go — starting with formation of your business. Yes, it is possible to retain an attorney at our firm just to draft and file the legal documents required to get your business formed, up and running. If all goes well, you will soon need more legal guidance — and the Law Office of Justin P. Miller will be ready to guide you through the next steps. We are available to assist you in meeting your responsibilities and duties as a fully operational business corporation. As your business grows, we can stay with you, advising you as you go in areas such as:

  • Employment law
  • Contract law
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Liability insurance selection
  • Business sale or dissolution

Get Started Making Your Dreams Come True

For an insightful, affordable initial consultation with a Pennsylvania business law attorney, contact me today at 814-359-7268 or by filling out and submitting the contact form on our homepage. I offer evening and weekend appointments at our Bellefonte office by request.