Frequently Asked Questions About Business Law

At the Law Office of Justin P. Miller, we gladly answer questions for entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. Bring your questions to our attention during a free consultation about your business startup plans, your beverage alcohol issues or any business law matter in Pennsylvania.

Here are some business law-related questions recent clients have asked at our law firm:

What do I need to do to start a business in Pennsylvania?

First, you need to select a business entity such as a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC) or an S-corporation (S-corp). You need to create and file the appropriate documents for your new business with the state and obtain an identification number from the state. You may need to draft bylaws, articles of incorporation and other required documents. A consultation with an experienced business law attorney is the right way to ensure that you start your business legally while protecting yourself from liability.

I want to start a new business but I'm not sure what entity to choose. Should I start the business as a partnership, an LLC or an S-corp?

As with so many business law questions, there is no pat answer. Your specific goals and the characteristics of your business will help a knowledgeable attorney give you the right advice.

Can I use standardized forms I find online to start a business in Pennsylvania?

What you can do and what is in your best interests are often polar opposites. Using free or cheap online legal products is risky. You could make yourself liable for financial losses without realizing it. You could set yourself up for failure without knowing hazards to avoid. There is no substitute for a personalized consultation with a business law attorney who can evaluate your unique situation and goals.

Why is your law firm willing to give me a free consultation about my business aspirations, when many other business law firms charge from the beginning?

I am lawyer Justin P. Miller, with my own business background as well as an established business law practice. To be honest, I enjoy keeping my finger on the pulse of new business trends in and around Bellefonte. I learn something new from every potential client and every new client. I want to be the first to know about your ideas. Furthermore, I am convinced I can help you avoid costly mistakes, bringing me professional satisfaction at the same time that I meet your needs.

How should we get started talking about my new business?

It will be my pleasure to learn about your business plans — and of course, I hope you will realize the benefits I have to offer if you decide to hire me to help you form, manage and run your business venture. Get your own "business law FAQ" ready to discuss with me at our first meeting. Call 814-359-7268 or complete our online intake form. I offer evening and weekend appointments by request.