Obtain, Keep Or Sell Your Liquor License

Owners of Centre County restaurants and taverns are well-aware of the difficulties involved in getting a liquor license in this area. A former strong prohibition area, this region still heavily regulates the sale of liquor. To obtain one of the limited number of liquor licenses, business owners must find other businesses willing to sell theirs — at a high price. $1 million is not unheard of as the cost of purchase of a liquor license in this area.

Considering the scarcity and high value of liquor licenses in and around Bellefonte, it is understandably critical to have a knowledgeable lawyer's advice regarding any of these issues:

Keeping a liquor license valid: As a business owner, you simply cannot afford to make a mistake such as allowing the sale of liquor to a minor at your establishment. How long as it been since you trained employees in proper procedures for checking customers' identification (ID) cards? You need to stay vigilant and expect strict enforcement of laws against selling beer and wine to underage people in your tavern or restaurant. If you have been accused of selling alcohol to someone under age 21, contact a lawyer immediately.

I am attorney Justin P. Miller. I have extensive experience in criminal defense as well as business law representation. Turn to my law firm for help if police have charged you with an infraction of liquor sales laws — or even if you realize that alcohol was served to an underage person at your establishment. You must fight to protect your liquor license in such a situation — and I can help.

Buying or selling a liquor license: Buying or selling a liquor license in this area is a rare, high-stakes transaction. Do you want to start a new PA business licensed to sell liquor? Liquor licenses are hard to get but are sometimes available for sale. You cannot afford to make a mistake. For advice on financing, regulatory compliance or any aspect of a liquor license sale in Centre County or nearby, contact the Law Office of Justin P. Miller in Bellefonte.

Challenging the right of a noncompliant business to sell alcoholic beverages: Perhaps you are a businessman or woman who has observed another business in the area sell adult beverages to minors. You want to know how to report this to law enforcement — and you want to be first in line to buy a liquor license if one becomes available because of this infraction. This is a sensitive situation and you need an attorney's guidance. I can help you communicate with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and otherwise position you to do the right things the right way in pursuit of your goal of obtaining a liquor license if you possibly can.

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