When A Divorce Makes A Child Custody Order Essential

People often think of child custody as an element of divorce. True, if you and your spouse have mutual children, your divorce decree will include a child custody and visitation order. A family law judge may require you to get custody for the child or enter into mediation with the other parent. Your divorce attorney should guide you through all aspects of the child custody portion of your divorce.

Other Child Custody Situations

However, the same type of legal order is also important in any circumstance where there are not two married parents raising children in the same household. Many young couples and solo parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere need legal help regarding child custody in situations such as:

  • The birth of a child after a relationship that did not involve the parents living together
  • A separation of unmarried parents who have been living together
  • A separation of married parents who are not getting divorced yet
  • Child rearing by a nonparent such as a grandparent or a stepparent

Every family has unique circumstances, characteristics and needs. In your family's case, a guardianship, an adoption, a temporary power of attorney or some other special arrangement may be the right solution. Talk to a lawyer about your child's best interests and a resolution that takes into account your family's structure.

Your Child's Needs And Your Parental Relationship Are Your Top Priorities

If you are like most parents, your child is your life. This may also be true for you as a grandparent or stepparent raising a child in your family. You would do anything for your child, and want what's best for him or her. Naturally, you also want to preserve the close bond you have with your child or with any child you have been raising. At the Law Office of Justin P. Miller in Bellefonte, we understand this.

I am attorney Justin P. Miller, experienced in all aspects of family law. I am familiar with all aspects of the laws governing child custody and visitation in Pennsylvania, and can help you navigate this complex and emotionally charged area of the law. I have helped many clients negotiate parenting plans providing stability to parent-child relationships after a divorce or separation. I can advise you on child custody modifications, parent move-aways and enforcement of existing court orders.

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